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Ringwood, New Forest, Hampshire BH24 1HE

CBK Outsourced Payroll Bureau

CBK Ltd use an online software for all clients enabling your own secure log in for nominated members of staff.  Payroll reports and payslips are easily accessible at any time.  The software has HR facilities for you to log staff details directly including holiday; absence; next of kin; staff training; disciplinary.


No Minimum contract period, no tie in

No extra charge for:

starters (3 starters per year) / or leavers (up to 5 leavers per year)



Payslips, summary sheet (stating a full breakdown of deductions) and HMRC Statutory Return information - issued by e-mail to the nominated member of staff. (Addtional reports are chargeable)

(prices quoted are subject to VAT as shown in brackets)













For Additional staff or weekly payroll – Please email for a quote –  info@completebookkeeping.co.uk


Set-up Charges                                            

There are no set up fees (further information see below)


P60 Employee End of Year Statement                            

£1.00 per statement - Invoiced month 11 (February) of the payroll year


New Staff  

3 new staff per year included  (£5 thereafter)

All new staff must fill in a new employee form and have a P45 or complete P46 or P38S (students) - see "payroll forms"


Leaver – issuance of P45        

No charge for up to 5 leavers per year (£5 thereafter)


P11D – Cost on application

P11D’s are not part of your standard payroll pricing and on supplied on request.


Payroll Pricing Agreement

Any breakdown information that is required must be confirmed on the spreadsheet (i.e. overtime, commissions, holiday pay).  

Any sick pay must have confirmation of staff being paid in full or statutory sick pay only.    

A cut off time must be agreed in advance to ensure payments are made to staff on time.  

Please ensure your figures confirm whether salary is gross or net.

RTI must be declared by 19th each month, a fee is payable for late declaration due to the additional work.


Above price allows company access to HR facilities allowing you to:

amend employee details ; log absence ; disciplinary etc.  An additional fee applies for our services.



NONE! Please note that we reserve the right to charge a fee for the set up of a payroll found that previous unknown factors for example; payroll errors,  incomplete records and illegible writing are found to cause incorrect records and delay the set up process. This is charged at £40 per company,  however all clients are informed in advance.





All charges subject to VAT


All new clients will be signed to pay via direct debit ensuring there is no delay in completing your payroll


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